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Adopting a puppy or kitten is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences we can think of! After the adoption, the first item on your checklist should be to schedule a puppy or kitten exam with us. In this exam, we will very thoroughly check your puppy or kitten’s different bodily systems (heart, muscles and joints, breathing, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth and skin) in order to make sure that your new pet is in perfect health! Your first visit will also be about learning - we will educate you on your pet’s dietary and exercise needs in order to help them live a long, healthy and happy life by your side! We can’t wait to meet your adorable new companion!
Comprehensive annual exams
Your dog or cat needs regular comprehensive exams to make sure that they stay happy and healthy! This is important because if your pet is uncomfortable, they really have no good way of letting you know. Every year, we will thoroughly check your dog or cat’s major bodily systems to protect your pet against any potential health issues. We will carefully listen your pet’s heart and lungs, thoroughly examine their eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, skin and coat and meticulously palpate their abdomen, muscles and joints. Depending on the age of your pet, it may be time to start annual blood and urine tests and monitoring blood pressure. If we catch a problem, we want to catch it early so that we can treat it!
Focused medical exams
We perform a focused exam when your dog or cat is experiencing a particular symptom, such as limping, upset stomach, eye or ear discharge or irritation, fever, skin rashes, or any other ailment you’ve noticed in your  dog or cat. We will thoroughly examine the system underlying the symptom using sophisticated equipment in order to diagnose the cause of the problem. After we isolate the root of the problem, we will devise a treatment plan for your pet!
dog dental_exams
Your pet’s dental health has a large impact on their overall health – just like people! Dental exams are important in order to prevent your dog or cat from forming periodontal disease, which is inflammation of the gums or bone and other support structures around the tooth. Bacteria from periodontal disease can spread to your pet’s liver, kidneys and heart, so it’s very important to treat! Symptoms of this condition are bad breath, excessive drooling or pawing at the mouth in your dog or cat.During your dog or cat’s dental exam, we will examine your pet’s and teeth and gums and check for redness, inflammation and bleeding. We will check your dog or cat’s teeth for cracks, plaque and tartar. We will also look for lumps, swelling and growths that could be part of a more serious health issue. We do all of this to make sure that your pet is happy and healthy, and because catching problems quickly is the best way to ensure your pet’s continued health by your side!
dental cleaning
If your dog or cat has red and swollen gums along with buildup of tartar on the tooth, we will perform a professional dental cleaning to remedy these problems! We will first test your pet’s blood to make sure your dog or cat is healthy enough to be anesthetized for the dental procedure. Once your pet is under anesthesia, we will take whole mouth x-rays to uncover any lurking problems that may not be visible to our eyes. We will meticulously clean the teeth including a very important step of cleaning below the gum-line to prevent periodontal disease from progressing. After the procedure is over, we will educate you on home remedies that can be done in between dental cleanings!
oral surgery
Sometimes dogs and cats need dental surgery in order to keep them happy and healthy - just like humans!   One of the most common forms of dental surgery is a tooth extraction. This is often performed when advanced periodontal disease has left your dog or cat’s tooth unstable due to loss of bone or other supporting structures. Indications that your pet may need dental surgery include bad breath, refusing to eat hard food or treats, jaw chattering,…, pawing at their mouth, excessive drooling and swelling around the face. It’s necessary to first perform a thorough dental exam to evaluate the scope of the problem and to run blood and urine tests to be sure your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia.
digital dental radiography
Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging. We use digital radiographs when we want to examine injuries or conditions that can’t be properly evaluated through an external examination. It is a completely painless procedure for your dog or cat, and can be used to examine bone fractures, tumors, bladder stones, and certain problems with the heart, stomach, intestines, and reproductive or urinary systems.
digital radiography
Our digital radiography or x-ray equipment is state-of-the-art allowing us to obtain clearer images of your pet’s internal organs, bones and joints. Clearer images mean a clearer diagnosis of your pet’s ailment. Radiographs are often used to complement an ultrasound exam to ensure that our exploration into your pet’s problem is as thorough as possible. This is especially important for our furry friends because they cannot tell us where they are hurting.
An ultrasound is a very safe and effective way to look inside your dog or cat! Ultrasound technology has advanced   dramatically in the last 5 years. Our ultrasound machine is on the cutting edge of this technology and we have received intensive training to capture amazing images. Ultrasound images are an important diagnostic tool that gives us a window into what is going on inside your pet. Ultrasound is often used to complement digital radiography and is invaluable in allowing us to obtain needle biopsies of abnormal structures within the internal organs.
soft tissue surgery
Often times disease of injury needs to be treated with soft tissue surgery. Additionally, very few of our pet owners are breeders thus the majority of our pets will need to undergo spaying or neutering. During these surgeries we utilize modern and sophisticated surgical techniques to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. Our state-of-art facility is equipped to perform a variety of surgeries including skin tumor removal, wound reconstruction, bladder stone removal, splenectomies, abdominal exploratories and biopsies and of course spays and neuters.
inpatient hospitalization
If your dog or cat’s condition is serious, they will likely require inpatient hospitalization. We are set up to accommodate your pet with the highest standards of modern veterinary medical care. We know that this can be a difficult and stressful time for you and your pet, but please take comfort in the fact that you both have the best that modern science and medicine has to offer.
Laboratory Equipment - Optical Microscope
We have state-of-the-art In-House Laboratory equipment! We maintain this laboratory so that we can obtain many   different kinds of test results for your dog or cat in a timely manner. If your pet were to become suddenly ill or need surgery right away. These tests will allow us to quickly implement an appropriate medical or surgical plan. We administer Blood Chemistry panels (to check your pet’s liver, kidney, pancreatic and gallbladder health), Urinalysis (to check for kidney disease or diabetes), and a Complete Blood Count (to make sure your pet isn’t anemic or dehydrated, or showing signs of autoimmune diseases, cancer and tick-borne diseases). These help us quickly diagnose the cause of particular problems your pet may exhibit.
pain management
We feel it is our duty to pay the utmost attention to the comfort of our loyal companions. We will carefully assess your pet’s condition and offer multiple forms of pain management. Whether  it is post surgical discomfort, chronic arthritic pain or acute pain from an injury or illness, we will make it a priority to address that pain promptly.
injection with needle
Administering scheduled vaccinations are a very important part in preventative health care for your dog or cat. It truly is incredible how far science has come that we can use these  vaccines to eliminate many once dangerous afflictions! Core vaccinations for dogs are rabies, distemper, parvovirus and adenovirus. Non-core (but sometimes necessary!) vaccinations for dogs are parainfluenza, bordatella, lyme disease, leptospirosis and canine influenza.

We will carefully plan an individualized vaccine schedule for your dog or cat based on your pet’s life style. This way we will be certain your pet is not receiving any unnecessary vaccines and most importantly ensuring your pet is protected from serious and potentially fatal diseases that they may come in contact with.
high end day care
If your dog needs a friendly and professional staff to look after them during the day, you will be very happy to know that we offer high end day care services. Many people use this if they feel bad about leaving their pet at home while they’re at work or if they need to get to other engagements. Additionally, many energetic dogs will greatly benefit from day care and many people will use this to help with their training and behavior at home. After their dog has had a chance to exercise and play with friends they come home ready to listen and are better members of the family. We have an immaculate facility and always give your pet attention, love and medical supervision. Rest assured, your pet will have a blast and will be in extremely good hands!

You will have piece of mind while you are away knowing that you can view your dog or cat 24/7 using our high tech webcams.
The Pet Resort
luxury boarding
If you’re leaving for a trip and want to know that your dog or cat is in the best possible hands, you will absolutely adore our luxury boarding service. We don’t have cages - we give each pet their very own room or cat condo! Any special needs are met by a very well trained and attentive staff. Remember, your pet’s safety and happiness are the reasons we come into work! So whether it’s a quick trip or a long one, know that your dog or cat is in wonderful hands and will be treated like royalty!

You will have piece of mind while you are away knowing that you can view your dog or cat 24/7 using our high tech webcams.
The Pet Resort
Female groomer haircut dog
Grooming is vital to your dog's well-being and comfort! Thorough grooming decreases the chance for some skin problems and improves the pet’s overall hygiene (and smell!).

Grooming is vital to your dog's or cat’s well-being and comfort! Thorough grooming decreases the chance for some skin problems and improves the pet’s overall hygiene (and smell!). Our professional grooming stylist has over 20 years of experience. A full service groom includes a bath and blow dry, eye and ear cleaning, nail clipping, external anal gland expression, brush out, and if needed a specific hair cut based on your dog’s breed standard and your choice of style. Our groomer likes to meet with every new client to discuss preferences in style.

Pricing is variable based on breed and size - please call for an estimate! 
Training Class in Loyal Companions Animal Hospital and Pet Resort
Loyal Companions offers Puppy Socialization classes and Introduction to Clicker Training as well as Reactive Dog classes for dogs 4 months or older. In addition special workshops are offered to help with some of the more challenging aspects of training such as recall and jumping. Our trainer Ali Evanson is a Karen Pryor certified trainer. All training at Loyal Companions is based on operant conditioning utilizing positive rewards, not dominance. The Puppy Socialization class will establish a solid foundation for all future training. You and your puppy will learn basic food luring techniques and work on more complex topics such as bite inhibition, resource guarding and other problem puppy behaviors. Your puppy will be introduced to things such as “scary” strangers and vacuum cleaners in a positive setting so they won’t be afraid of new and potentially fearful things in the future. Your puppy will have an opportunity to socialize with other puppies and people learning proper social skills. Get your puppy off to the right start!

The Introduction to Clicker Training is a basic training class introducing basic commands such as sit, down and stay along with learning to come when called and walking politely on a leash and much more. All of this will be taught in a fun and positive environment that both dogs and their humans will enjoy. Remember it is never too late to teach your dog!

The Reactive Dog Class is for those dogs who need a special approach to help them remain polite and calm in situations and environments that would normally make them reactive and difficult to control. Loyal Companions is proud to offer this class since trainers with experience training reactive dogs can be difficult to find. Our trainer Ali will lay the foundation on how to help your reactive dog focus and remain calm allowing you both to enjoy your time together. Ali has first hand experience successfully training her own reactive dog to be well behaved in nearly all situations.