We were so impressed with this place and the doctor! Wonderful, calming environment for all! We loved the cat room – we had never seen anything like this before. The doctor and her staff were gentle and thorough with our kitty and patient with my kids’ questions and observations! We’ve found our vet!

Kathleen T

Dr. Petsche and the environment she has created at Loyal Companions is unmatched. She truly lets her passion for animals shine through in her practice. She and her team are extremely attentive to the experience, including animal pheromones and music in the exam rooms to truly make your pet feel safe and comfortable. Among the time spent answering our initial questions, she spent a good time interacting with Max (our new puppy) to create a relationship and was interested to see how his training is going already – Our initial visit with our new puppy was over an hour! Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Petsche and her team. Truly a unique approach to animal care!

Courtney L.

We have been a two dog family for quite a few years and not until 14 years ago did we encounter chronic health problems with one of our dogs. Cid was a piece of work and thank goodness Dr. Petsche was there for us. She diagnosed our Westie Cid and gave us the encouragement and support to give our boy a great life. From puppyhood to adult he was always happy to visit the vet. Dr. Petsche is our favorite vet hands down.

The DeFrang's

My family has known Dr. Petsche for years as she used to be our next door neighbor. In 2004 I received my first dog, a white Labrador retriever named Maggie that I love more than anything in this world. She has allergies to types of grass, trees and bushes ever since she was a puppy and has not been the easiest patient to take care of. Dr. Petsche is very thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable and takes the time to educate us on Maggie’s needs. Dr. Petsche is one of the few veterinarians I trust when it comes to my dog’s well-being. I have considered a career as a veterinarian and if I choose to pursue that Dr. Petsche is the type of veterinarian I would aspire to be.

Alli Holcombe

I refuse to take my pets to anyone other than Dr. Vicki Petsche. My dogs are never afraid when they are with her which speaks volumes. I’m easily upset by medical procedures for my dogs and that leads me to ask a lot of questions; she always gives me complete answers and makes me feel heard. I’ve never felt like my dog was exploited to run up the bill, either. She really is a person of great integrity and words fail me in expressing how really grateful I am to have her care for my pets. She is just that good.

Judi Youdelis
I worked with Dr. Petsche at a 6 doctor Veterinary hospital for over 4 years. In that time, I entrusted the care of my pets to her and I continue to do so. She is the type of doctor that is always doing what she can to learn about the newest technology and newest trends in the veterinary field to ensure she is treating her patients with the best current practice. She has helped me through diagnosing and treating my cat with irritable bowel disease, has helped through the anxiety issues and allergy issues with my Australian Shepherd mix, has provided patience in treating my fiesty Jack Russell Terrier with her spinal issues and her dental issues, has helped treat the ailments of my Alaskan Malamute including arthritis, and helped me gracefully put down one of my dogs after doing all we could to treat his very aggressive cancer. Not only do I trust her with my pets, but every member of my family brings their pets to her as well. She is the best of the best and I would drive an hour to bring my pets to her if I had to. She has been willing to do house calls for me and goes out of her way to help me with emergency situations on the weekends. I can’t recommend her enough and am very excited to be able to bring my pets to continue to see her at a top of the line animal hospital.
Allison Briddell

Dr. Petsche saved my dogs life! My 9 year black lab had stopped eating and drinking. She had become lethargic and withdrawn. Blood tests indicated that she may have Addison’s disease and her body was in crisis mode. Dr. Petsche called on a Sunday morning with the test results and met us at the vet clinic the same day. In order to overcome this crisis, Latte needed immediate treatment. I will be forever grateful to Dr.Petsche for accurately diagnosing Latte, providing immediate treatment and saving Latte’s life! Dr. Petsche is caring, compassionate, and uses terminology you can understand, I highly recommend Dr. Petsche for all of your veterinary needs.

Tammy Chmelik

I have known Dr. Petsche for 15 years and was so fortunate to work side by side with her for over four of those years. As a veterinary assistant, I worked closely with Dr. Petsche in all areas of canine and feline veterinary medicine: surgeries, dental procedures, exams, lab work, radiology, senior care, boarding, grooming, behavior concerns, and overall patient care. She treats her patients and their families with compassion and professionalism, with their best interest always at the forefront.

I am excited that Loyal Companions will feature the “Fear Free” concept of taking the fear and stress out of visiting the veterinarian (for both the pet and the owner). The brand new hospital will include state of the art veterinary facilities, boarding, training, and daycare. My dog, Timber, will be ready to visit his good friend Dr. Petsche when her hospital opens!

We have a pet with a chronic illness. Dr. Vicki Petsche was able to diagnose this very early on and helped us develop a treatment plan that worked for us. It was a scary time for our family and Vicki always made herself available for us whether she was in the office or at home.

We are so thankful for Dr. Petsche , she truly loves what she does!

Dr. Petsche has been our veterinarian for the last eight years and it has been a wonderful experience. She has provided the BEST OF CARE to our Shihtzu’s — Bart, Teddy, and the late Baby Belle. We’re delighted that she is opening her own practice, Loyal Companions. Look so forward to rejoining you in January 2016!
We have been blessed to have received such loving care by Dr. Petsche for our dog Sydney for almost 10 years now. Vicki treats Sydney as if she is her own and cares for her beyond words. It melts my heart when Sydney gets excited to see Vicki and wags her tail endlessly, she knows and I know , that she is in good hands and will be taken care of. We are grateful for such a wonderful vet who has turned into more like of a friend to Sydney and our family!
Dan and Karen
We are fortunate to have had Dr. Petsche as our vet for 15 years. She is a skilled practitioner who treats her patients and their families with compassion and respect. We had a pet with multiple health issues, so we have spent a lot of time with her over the years. We felt that she was caring for us as much as she was caring for our pet by making sure we were fully informed and involved in his treatment. We are so glad to have found Dr. Petsche all those years ago.

When I think of what I seek in a veterinarian, I envision a professional who examines animals meticulously while listening carefully to guardians’ assessment of the creatures they know and love… who commands the latest technological and medical advances in the field…who is flexible and open minded enough to consider alternative avenues and to take a wait-and-see approach if needed to determine the best course of action…and who treats both animal and human with respect, compassion and dignity. Thankfully, I have found this vet in Dr. Vicki Petsche, who has cared for our menagerie over the past six years, and I recommend her services enthusiastically. Walk your dog and carry your cat straight to her door, pronto!

Can’t wait for Dr Petsche to open her new facility. She is an awesome vet and has taken great care of my animals. I’m sure this establishment will be wonderful. She is the perfect person to take this on. Best wishes.

Dr Petsche has been very patient and kind. She has always been available to answer questions. She helped us to make the decision about whether kittens would be right for our family. Since then, she has also educated us on normal cat development. She explains things thoroughly and in a way that even children understand.


Thank you Dr. Petsche for your thoughtful and professional care for Paige, who is 15 1/2. We had many issues going on with her and I thought we would have to put her down when I first brought her to see you two years ago. I am extremely grateful to you for correctly diagnosing her so we could get her the meds and food needed to get her back on track. Dr. Petsche phoned our home on more than one occasion inquiring about Paige, indicating genuine care and concern. Thank you so much for saving Paige and giving us more time with her.


Dr. Petsche treats my pets with knowledgeable care and extreme kindness. She works to educate me on my pets’ condition so I can best care for them at home. My dogs have a lot of allergies and Dr. Petsche offers many alternatives for treating and trying to prevent the symptoms. Her calm nature puts my pets at ease and her expertise puts me at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Petsche’s veterinary services to anyone who loves their pets.


Dr. Petsche has been our family’s veterinarian for 15 years and we love her! More importantly, our dogs love her! She is extremely compassionate with her animals and their owners. She is patient and clear when explaining a diagnosis, and always follows up after an appointment. We are so excited for Dr. Petsche to have her very own place, and look forward to taking our dog to Loyal Companions!


After fourteen years with a very loved vet that had retired, I had been searching for another vet. After meeting Dr. Petsche, I appreciated her caring and kind demeanor as well as her obvious experience and understanding of animals. I’m very much at peace knowing our family pets are in her good and highly competent hands. It’s very difficult to find a veterinarian that truly is the “whole package”. I feel like I’ve found that in Dr. Petsche. I would continue to recommend Dr. Petsche to anyone searching for a very special vet.

Carla Kopp

I was fortunate to find Dr. Petsche in 2002 when I moved to Illinois with my cat, Stella, who soon had to have dental surgery. From the very beginning I was impressed with Dr. Petsche’s expertise, and the calming effect her gentle manner had on Stella. Dr. Petsche was Stella’s vet for 7 years and tended to her, and me, when Stella became sick late in her life. Several months after Stella passed I met Graysie, another abandoned cat. Dr. Petsche gave her a thorough exam and as with Stella, I could see an immediate rapport. Dr. Petsche genuinely cares for her patients, our animals and us. She stays current with medical advances and treatments and is thoughtful and clear in communicating her knowledge and our options. Moreover, she understands and honors the important relationships between pets and their humans.


Dr. Petsche has been our vet for 6 years. Over the years, Dr. Petsche has helped us care for Mocha, our beloved dog. Dr. Petsche has always been available for training advice, emergency calls, and general care for Mocha. She is a skilled professional with heart. Dr. Petsche is also a dear family friend. I’ve seen her nurture and doctor her own family pets. All are treated with the utmost care and love. Her endearing nature and gentle treatment of animals fosters trust and security. Animals respond to Dr. Petsche’s gentle treatment and flourish in her care. I’ve always referred friends and family to Dr. Petsche. She’s the best!