COVID-19 Updates


In order to effectively provide quality medical care while also keeping our staff, you and your pets safe, we are implementing new procedures for our appointments. Effective 3/14/2020, only members of Loyal Companions animal hospital staff will be permitted inside the building.


  • We are implementing new appointment procedures to follow the CDC’s current recommendation for social distancing. With the anticipation of restrictions being in place for many months, our new procedures will allow us to care for all of your pet’s medical needs even if the restrictions are expanded. We will continue utilizing our Fear Free approach and you will be able to view the examination and procedures from the comfort of your car through video conferencing on your cell phone.
  • Appointments will now be “curbside appointments.” We ask that you please remain in your car when you arrive and call our office, 630-524-2125
  • A veterinary assistant or certified veterinary technician will speak with you on the phone to discuss the concerns you are having and understand your goals for the appointment. They will collect all the relevant medical history. When it is time to see the doctor, we ask that you proceed to the appropriate entrance (dog or cat) where we will meet you. We will then lead or carry your pet to an exam room while you return to your car. Please be certain that your dog has a well fitted collar or harness so they cannot pull loose. We ask that you always bring your cat in a carrier.
  • Once you return to your car, the video telemedicine meeting can begin. We will be utilizing the Zoom app for the video telemedicine. You will receive instructions on how to download this onto your phone prior to the appointment. The video meeting will allow you to visualize the exam and communicate directly with the doctor. She will be able to ask questions and give recommendations in real time. Alternatively, the doctor can call you and have you one speaker phone during your pet’s appointment


  • If you have been instructed to self-quarantine by staying in your home and your pet needs medical care, we are now offering “virtual appointments.” You will be able to remain in your home and utilize video telemedicine using the app Zoom on your cell phone. You will receive instructions on how to download this application onto your phone prior to the appointment. Virtual appointments are only offered for established patients at Loyal Companions.
  • During the virtual appointment you will be able show the doctor your concerns and discuss the medical recommendations with the doctor. If your pet needs diagnostic tests performed or in-hospital treatments, a curbside appointment will be made once you are cleared to leave your home or you will need to have someone else drive your pet to the appointment. You would still be able to participate in a video telemedicine meeting during these in-hospital diagnostics or procedures.


  • At the conclusion of the appointment, payment will be collected by entering your credit card number directly into our secure system. No credit card information will be written down or stored in the software. Cash payments will only be accepted for curbside appointments.


  • All pets who are scheduled for surgery or a dental procedure will follow the same protocol for the curbside appointments. Estimates and consent forms will be authorized over the phone. Prior to picking up your pet, a veterinary assistant or certified veterinary technician will review the post-surgical or post-dental home care instructions over the phone. Payment will be collected at this time and a specific pick up time scheduled.


  • Please email to request a medication or food refill ahead of time. When you arrive for pick up, please remain in your car and call the office, 630-524-2125. We will take payment over the phone and bring the medication or food to your car.


  • We will be asking for your current health status and if you or your pet has been exposed to anyone with a respiratory illness. With your honest answers we will be able to follow the recommendations of infectious disease experts and give proper medical care to your pet while protecting the health of our staff. It is important to appropriately protect our staff’s health so we can continue to provide cutting edge medical care to the pets of our community.


  • All pets who are scheduled for daycare, lodging, or grooming, are advised to remain in their cars until a staff member is able to meet them at the Pet Resort entrance to safely take the pet’s leash or carrier.
  • The Pet Resort software has the ability to securely store credit card information. We also strongly encourage placing a credit card on file if you don’t already have one. This will make checking out for grooming, daycare, or lodging much more efficient. If you do not have a credit card stored on file, please call ahead to make the payment.


  • There may be a possibility of delays during these new kinds of appointments. We ask that you continue to be patient during this transition period.
  • We appreciate your patience as we work together to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our community while still providing your pet with quality health care.

The Centers for Disease Control have a comprehensive website with general information and more about COVID-19 and animals:

We are hoping everyone stays healthy and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Dr. Vicki M. Petsche, Owner
Amanda Werley, Hospital Manager
Missy Mendel, Pet Resort Manager