Animals have always been a part of my life. My very first memories involve my sweet cat Cameo. She was so patient with me as a little kid learning how to care for an animal. When I was in 5th grade after begging my parents they finally agreed that we could have a puppy! My Australian Shepard Smoke became our newest family member.

Around this time, I found my passion for horses. I had always been fascinated with these large docile creatures. I insisted every fair or festival that I could ride one of the ponies! I attended a summer camp and from then on I was hooked. My parents allowed me to take part in lessons at Dunham Woods. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to get the barn every week!

From Dunham Wood we were able to change barns and disciplines. I found the world of Dressage and fell in love. I rode and competed in Dressage for most of my adolescent life. It taught me strength and patience. I learned how to effectively communicate with an animal that was 3x times my size and strength. I owned 2 horses, Charmer and Merlin. Both taught me so much about life and the world of Dressage. I feel very thankful to have been able to have this opportunity to learn at such a young age what a great bond humans and animals can have.

During this time at the barn we rescued our Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix named Rodeo or “Toad” for short. He came to us from Kentucky with a broken leg. We learned a lot while caring for him. Smoke and Rodeo became the best of pals. They still play and act like puppies! Smoke is our cuddling couch potato and Toad is our energetic athlete!

Loyal Companions passion for animals mimics my own. I fell right at home when I first walked through the doors. The attention to detail and care each animal receives here is beyond anywhere else I have been. Each client and patient is treated like family. It does not ever feel like a job when you get to do something you love everyday.