Growing up in a family where taking care of the land, trees, insects, and animals was a daily agenda, I always knew I would be working in one of the fields. I started my adventure volunteering for the New England Aquarium in my early 20s working with marine mammals. There I learned the connections and trusts we can have with these massive mammals and the respective relationship we can create. Once established at the aquarium I was intrigued to learn more about sea creatures, obtaining my certified scuba diving certificate in 2016 I was able to observe and research how wonderful the world is around us.

Moving to Illinois in 2017 I was concerned I was going to disconnect from animals, I was fortunate enough to be employed by an animal hospital and learned more of the medical side. Here, I fell in love with helping and caring for small animals. I started at Loyal Companions in September 2020, being in a fear free environment the possibilities of building a trusting relationship and the willingness of animals understanding is endless. I love the amount of respect we have towards small animals here and being mindful of what they’re comfortable with. I am very fortunate to have learned a new and more effective way of veterinary medicine.

Pet profile: I currently have two dogs, a pit bull and an unknown mix or as I refer to their breeds as good dogs. My old girl Lola was recused from a bad environment when she was 1. When I brought her home, she unfortunately became pregnant before we had a chance to spay her. She ended up having a litter of 12 puppies! As tiring and expensive as they were, they were the best experience! They all went to knowing and trusting homes, which I still keep in contact with a few. Our newer addition, Opie, we rescued from Anderson animal shelter, and he is just the goofiest/funniest brother for his big sister. The two combined is a match made in heaven and we couldn’t ask for a better pair!