Cats and dogs are both wonderful pets, but they are often stressed by having to be alongside each other in veterinary clinics. We believe your pet’s well-being is so important that we have built our veterinary hospital to give each species its own special areas – entrance, exam rooms, and all!

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Cats and dogs are both wonderful pets, but they are often stressed by having to be alongside each other in veterinary clinics. We believe your pet’s well-being is so important that we have built our veterinary hospital to give each species its own special areas – entrance, exam rooms, and all!

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I would HIGHLY recommend Loyal Companions. Our 8 week old puppy had a great experience with Dr. Petsche and all of her staff. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and very approachable. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Brittney L.
We have tried several other vets in the area and none compare to this place where they treat the pets AND the owners with care and respect. A very clean, pleasant and modern office, with welcoming staff, and much less emphasis on talking to you across a desk. We were escorted right into a bright, clean exam room with a soft, low “bed” for our dog, and a chair for his human. No stainless steel cold exam tables here! The doctor and staff were all very pleasant and helpful. Their pricing is also competitive, if not less than what we experienced elsewhere!
Dion R.
Went here for the first time about a month ago. I brought my new kitten in for her vaccinations. I love that they have a side dedicated just for cats. It’s so nice to see. My kitten loved being able to sit and watch the birds outside. They were very thorough and kind.
Jennifer M.
I can not say enough about how fantastic Loyal Companions is. My dog has such anxiety about the vet, here, he was happy as can be. All the staff was gentle, kind and loving to him. I could not be happier. Today was a stress free painless experience for us, which has never been the case. Highly recommend!!!! Thank you Loyal Companions for finally giving my boy a “happy” place to go.
Sara G.

Kind of blown away by how awesome this place was. I only have a cat, but the private entrance was nice and the exam room for the cats is specific to cats. The vet talked with us and spent time with our cat. She didnt push anything crazy on us and really seemed to care about her job. The other staff were fantastic as well. Kind and helpful. I was very impressed!

Elizabeth W.
Have known Dr. Petsche for many years and had the pleasure of her kind, compassionate, and intelligent care of our dogs over the years.

Dr. Petsche has the most amazing calm effect on pets and owners alike! She is careful in her exam / evaluation, measured in her recommended care plan, and thorough in her follow-up. She is true to her goal of offering top notch care for pets, provided in an environment as free from stress as possible.

Margi M.

Such a loving, personalized experience for my Mocha. She responded very well to the calming environment and relaxed personality of the vet tech and Especially to her favorite, Dr. Petsche! I highly recommend Dr. Petsche at Loyal Companions. I guarantee they’ve thought of every detail when it comes to your pets’ needs.

Julie A.
I am very happy with the staff and Dr. Vicki. She takes great care of the animals. I had a problem with my dog throwing up and she got it to stop. I would recommend to everyone to come to Loyal Companions! Thank you for taking care of my dog Daisy!!!
Nickie J.

Dr. Petsche is very smart and caring. She didn’t give up on our cat when he got sick and continued to try different methods until she saved his life. She was also there for our family when we had to say goodbye to our 16 year old dog. She will email or call us with follow-ups after appointments and her staff is extremely helpful and kind. The facility is very well thought out for pets comfort levels and even has a separate entrance for cats and dogs to enter through. I highly recommend Loyal Companions.

Our new puppy was perfectly comfortable for his entire exam and we felt relaxed as well. We’re so happy with Loyal Companions!
Linda S.
We love Loyal Companions – we discovered them by accident when our dog was injured by another dog. They were so caring and gentle yet informative explaining everything from the nature of the wounds to the needed care.

Yesterday we had our annual exam which included shots and meds and the works – Our dog was calm and fine through it all – they are so gentle and caring with the animals – highly recommend for anyone with pets

Rob M.
My 2 year old did not like going to the vet at all. This vet changed everything. Very concerned with making sure he was comfortable. Very thorough – he has a lot going on now, and Dr Petsche and staff will get to the bottom of it. I could not be happier with this visit and this office.
Jennifer W.
What a great experience! I have a 20 year old cat who hasn’t done well going into other vet offices so I appreciated the cats only entrance which definitely reduced his anxiety. Everyone was very kind, spent a lot of time learning about his history, and unlike other vet offices, they didn’t try to sell me or manipulate me into buying services I didnt want.

The whole experience was much less stressful than visits at other vets and my cat did so much better on the way home than he has in the past. I definitely recommend them!

Leah H.
Sue and I love our visits to Loyal Companions. She is a somewhat nervous rescue pit, but the staff and fear-free accommodations have welcomed her and really put her at ease – so much so that she’s even excited about going to the vet. And I love their quality care, responsiveness and open communication.
Keri B.
Wonderful care. They genuinely care about your animal’s well-being and I appreciate it so much. This was our 7 month old puppy’s first vet visit. Couldn’t have had a better visit anywhere else!

Incredible veterinary services, they provide all that your cat or dog might need and make it the best experience possible, especially for those pets that are a little more prone to being scared of the vet. Dr. Petsche and her staff always go the extra mile to ensure the best care for not only your pet but also being sure to educate you as their owner!

Darren S.
Great and thorough appointment. The vet and the vet techs were fantastic — loving, and tenderhearted toward my scared dog, making his visit much less fearful. The vet did a thorough exam and gave me a tour of the entire clinic including the pet resort and hospital. I love the soft music, the beds instead of tables, and the treats. The facilities are spotlessly clean and I can’t think of another amenity I would add. Truly geared toward dogs.
Katie L.
We were so impressed with this place and the doctor! Wonderful, calming environment for all! We loved the cat room – we had never seen anything like this before. The doctor and her staff were gentle and thorough with our kitty and patient with my kids’ questions and observations! We’ve found our vet!
Kathleen T.