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Keeping Fleas and Ticks Away- Even in the Winter
Winter is usually a time when we get a break from the bugs that annoy us and our pets. We[...]
Current recommendations for spaying and neutering
Over the years new research has persuaded the veterinary community to change age recommendations for spaying (for female dogs) and[...]
Dog Body Language
We all know that dogs can't talk to us, so they use their own vocalizations, body gestures and postures to express[...]
Preparing for a disaster
In most cases we are given warning before a natural disaster strikes. Tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfire, and thunderstorms can happen[...]
WHAT ARE ROUNDWORMS? Roundworms are large, white colored worms often visible in the stool. They live in the intestines of[...]
Your pet’s safety during the Fourth of July
Fireworks, social gatherings and other holiday traditions may be fun for us, but scary for animals. Noisy fireworks can frighten[...]
AAHA- The Standard of Veterinary Excellence
WHAT DOES AAHA STAND FOR? AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association. It is the only organization that accredits veterinary[...]
Feline Leukemia and the risk to your cat
Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats, affecting between 2 and 3% of[...]
Pet’s have teeth too
Pets Have Teeth Too! Does your pet have bad breath? If you are not welcoming the exuberant kisses for you[...]
Get to the root of missing teeth
Did you know that adult dogs have 42 teeth? However, sometimes during a veterinarian examination some may be missing. They’re[...]
Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions
Feline tooth resorption is a very painful, and unfortunately a very common condition, in cats. Cells destroy the tooth root surfaces[...]
Cushing’s Disease
Cushing’s Disease ( Hyperadrenocorticism) Cushing's syndrome happens when your dog’s body makes too much of a hormone called cortisol. This[...]
Including your family pet in holiday travel plans
The holidays are fast approaching. For most of us the holidays mean one thing… traveling. With all this upcoming traveling[...]
Did you know that Leptospirosis is a risk for you and your pet?
Have you ever wondered what is lurking in the water puddle in your backyard as your dog happily splashes around? Truth[...]
Being Feline Friendly
WHAT DOES “FELINE FRIENDLY” MEAN? It's assurance that cats are handled with appropriate gentleness and respect at all times. Cat-friendly[...]
Lyme disease- A risk to you and your pet
They’re creepy and crawly. They suck your blood. Sometimes they are so small you can’t even see them. Sounds like[...]
Why Your Pet Needs a Rabies Vaccine
 Why Your Pet Needs a Rabies Vaccine Across the world 100 children die each day from rabies. That’s a significant[...]
Pets Have Teeth Too!
Pets Have Teeth Too! Does your pet have bad breath? If you are not welcoming the exuberant kisses for you[...]
Update on Canine Influenza Virus
Update on Canine Influenza Virus Background In March 2015 Chicago was making national news due to large numbers of dogs[...]