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AAHA Accredited

The standard of veterinary excellence.

What makes a veterinary practice AAHA Accredited?


  • What is AAHA?

    AAHA is an organization of veterinary experts with a mission of accrediting hospitals who uphold the highest standards of excellence in the field. Only approximately 15% of veterinary practices in the United States are awarded AAHA accreditation.

  • Accreditation Process

    An AAHA Accredited practice must undergo an initial and ongoing evaluation process in order to earn accreditation. These evaluations are comprehensive, and the inspectors have over 900 criteria they are testing for.

  • What it means to you

    It means that when you come to Loyal Companions, you are truly receiving the best care there is. It means that you are making the absolute best decision for your dog or cat. It means you have a team you can trust.